AllPlayers.com provides the tools to manage, organize and communicate...all for FREE!!

Whether you run summer camps, sports clinics, youth activities leagues, or an active family, AllPlayers.com arms you with one easy solution to simplify your tasks.

From creating entire league schedules and managing registration online to sharing highlights with friends and family in a safe, secure environment, you'll immediately realize the benefits of the AllPlayers.com amazing features.

Online registration

Build membership, promote activities and encourage community involvement! Allow potential members to join for free, or inquire about our online registration ecommerce features to manage paid registrations, with extremely low processing fees and no setup or monthly fees.

Custom group website

When you create your group within AllPlayers.com, a custom group website is automatically created for you. You can create additional sites or pages for each unique team, age group, conference and more! These pages are fully customizable with your logo, photos, colors and more.

Automatic schedule creator

Our automatic scheduler walks you through a step-by-step process of creating an entire season with an unlimited number of teams and locations. It's the easiest solution available to develop entire seasons for sports leagues.

Instant broadcast messages

With our revolutionary communication system, you have an instant delivery tool to immediately relay announcements to your members. Send notifications for rain-outs, field changes, schedule updates or any other type of communication through email or SMS. Your members decide how they want to receive your message.

Tournament brackets

Create your entire tournament in one place, at one time. With an unlimited amount of teams and dates, you can create an entire tournament schedule, host online registration, recruit volunteers, purchase tournament products and more!

Integrated calendars

Parents can manage entire family schedules in one place. Organizers and admins can manage all events for all groups in a single location. Family calendars get integrated into one streamlined weekly or monthly schedule complete with practices, games, snack schedules, etc...while organizations can see a comprehensive view of all group and teams activities.

Contact management

When a member completes or updates their registration information at AllPlayers.com, organizations will have the most up-to-date information! Data is always relevant and not falsely duplicated. In addition, group managers always have one central place from which to send communication, track members, or market services.

Document repository

Every organization has information they need to distribute to their members – consent forms, liability waivers, rule books and more, for each enrollment period. We simplify this process for everyone – and save you time and money – by allowing organizations to file and store documents within group pages.

Social networking

Share photos, scores, and highlights with other members. Keep friends and families up to date with the latest news – all within a safe, secure environment. You can also market to other members by sharing your AllPlayers.com group on Facebook, Twitter and more!

Free listing in zip code searches

Market your activities for free with the AllPlayers.com zip code search. Individuals looking for local activities enter their zip code and are presented with all activities listed within AllPlayers.com. Enhance your reach to a hyper-targeted demographic for open groups.

Donation acceptance

Donations keep many non-profit organizations afloat. AllPlayers.com helps you with donation management and acceptance, and ensures timely delivery of those crucial funds. You'll love the ability to collect gifts directly from the location where your successes are highlighted.