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Welcome to the new web page for The Wayne Wings Soccer Club.  Our goal is to be able to get information posted and out more efficiently.  It is a work in progress so if you have any questions or concerns please let us know.

2014 season

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2013-14 Season Teams

2014 Coaches

Development Program

Board Meetings & Minutes

Monthly Board Meetings are generally the first Sunday of the month at 7:00 pm at Casey Park.

Wayne Wings Open Board Meeting February 9th 2014 19:00

Board members present: Mike, Brandon, Kelly, Cindy, Caren, Deb

Parent Reps present:  K.Coutant: GU12 Knowles, J.Graziose BU13 Welch, C.Petrotta GU11 Petrotta, J.Burns BU16 Wemesfelder, C.Pitvher BU12 Goodman, J.Branner GU10 Guidice


Board meeting minutes approved from January, 1st Deb, 2nd Caren

Finance: Checking-$32,998.85 Savings-$37,019.78 for a total of $70,018.63 total expenses $17,638.00

*independent audit needed- ? volunteer 2 needed to do audit.  Could be used as volunteer time for club

Facilities: Premier- loss of team from last year, hurts cash flow for this year, spoke to Premier Tony is working with club to sublet our extra turf time for some money back.  President from Gananda is interested in possibly subletting some time

*Premier is redoing our contract for 2015 and club will reevaluate hours needed.

*next year’s fee for Wayne Wings will go up

*looking for ways to get Wayne Wings membership up.

Registrar: 10 kids have not paid their final payment, missing birth certificates from a few team(emails have been sent out regarding this)

*pictures needed for BU12 team

*secondary passes needed for payers playing for another club

*all teams are registered in RDYSL

Other: Brandon is looking for possible older team to volunteer at Freewill’s 5th grade banquet could be used for community service and a way to advertise for Wayne Wings club. Need to find out what the dress code is first.

*A manager check list has been made up and sent to all team managers as a guide

Tournament:  5 actual entries

*Vendors:  Fozzy’s, Ugly Duckling and Soccer Shirts

*need volunteers to sign up, will try to schedule you at opposite times of when your child is playing. 



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