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First, please determine the Position of the Participant and remember the number to be input during registration.
Position 1: Can run a mile in 7 minutes.
Position 2: Can run a mile in 10 minutes.
Position 3: Can run a mile in 13 minutes.
Position 4: Can run/walk a mile in 15 minutes.
Position 5: Can walk a mile in 20 minutes.
Position 6: Can walk a mile in 25 minutes.

This section will allow you to complete single participant online registration for Run for Zero and pay your runner fee for the race. There is also instructions for group captains/runners. Please fully read the directions before proceeding with these actions.

Regular Participant (Age 13+) Directions:

  • Click the "Register for this group" button
  • Complete the AllPlayers user information form and click the "Create new account" button
  • Complete the Run for Zero Participant Form and click the Submit button
  • The website will load the page containing the registration fee. Check the box next to the payment listing and click the "Pay Selected" button; then click the "Checkout" button and complete the payment process for transaction confirmation & invoice

Junior Participant (Ages 6-12) Directions:
Guardians: Please register yourself using the Regular Participant process PRIOR to completing the steps below. Children 5 and under require no fee or registration.

  • On the user Home page, click ADD FAMILY in the "Family" box and select ADD CHILD from the drop-down menu
  • Complete the AllPlayers user information form for your child and click the "Create new account" button. If your child does not have an email address to create an account, you may request a non-functioning AllPlayers.net email address for him/her.
  • Go back to the "Run for Zero" Home page and click the "Register for this group" button
  • Select the bubble next to your child's name and the "Junior Participant" role and proceed to the next step; you may then fill out the form using the child's information and complete the same steps that are listed for Regular Participants to pay the registration fee(s).

Group Participant(s) Directions:
GROUP CAPTAINS: To register and pay the group fee, complete the steps above for Age 13+ runners. On the registration form, you will select the bubble next to your name and the "Participant Group" role based on the amount of people in your group. Please remember the group fee will be the added to the team captain's account and payment owed cannot be split between members.

  • Once group captains complete their registration, they can go to the following link to submit group information. Each group member can also go here to submit their runner information without having to pay: Group Forms


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