4545 College Road enter off of Green Road
South Euclid, OH 44121

Educator Contact Information

Billy Koval (wjkovaljr@aol.com)

Course Time

July 12th: Start 10am conclude 7pm
July 13th: Start 9am conclude 5pm

Course Description

Approximate delivery time: Level 1 7s : 8 hours, Level 2 7s: 16 hours


Cost: $50- Level 1 7s, $100- Level 2 7s

Prerequisites: An IRB Level 1 Officiating (generic fifteens) certificate of attendance.

Requirements for Certification: Current USA Rugby membership, including registration as a referee, attend and participate in all course modules.

Description: Completion of the coursework Friday qualifies the referee as a “Certified Sevens Referee” (Level 1 7s course completion).  To be accredited (Level 2 7s course completion), the given referee must be observed and show competency in a number of checklist items.  The competency observation can start the next day at Rock & Roll Sevens but may not be completed until a later time simply depending on whether some of the various game situations which must be observed occur.  Nonetheless, those competencies observed will be forwarded, in that, the list does not need to be observed in one outing.


The Level 1 Officiating Sevens course is a one day, attendance only program.

Course Focus:

The principles of attack and defense in 7s rugby
The time, space, and tolerance needed for officiating 7s rugby
How Assistant Referees and In-Goal Judges assist the referee


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