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John F Kennedy High School 6715 Gloria dr
Sacramento, CA 95831

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USA Rugby Coaching Development Program is pleased to offer the IRB Strength and Conditioning Certification course to coaches interested in developing basic knowledge and understanding of practical skills. The course will provide an ideal opportunity for coaches to increase their understanding of rugby training and its application to coaching.

The course compromises two mandatory components:
1. Completion of the online course (
2. Attendance at the in-person course

The Strength and Conditioning course comprises six modules covering several topics:

Long Term Player Development Pathway
Functional screening
Anatomical adaptation
Demands of the Game
Principles of Training
Speed and intermittent sprint endurance
Periodization Recovery

The primary aim of the course is to help coaches prepare a player to safely play rugby and reduce the risk of injury. The course breaks down the specific demands of rugby and provides the strength and conditioning framework to meet those demands. The course consists of two parts: online course work and an in-person assessment.

Coaches who complete the course will earn 10 Professional Development Credits. Professional Development Credits are necessary to maintain an active USA Rugby Coaching Certification.


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