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Roster Submission

When you have finalized your roster, you can submit it online by clicking below. Please know each player's first and last name, jersey #, DOB, and USAV # as you will need to enter this in the online form.

2012 Aloha Region 11U League Roster Form

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Lee Lamb
Aloha Region
Grassroots Coordinator

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Lee Lamb

League Information

Welcome to the Aloha Region 11u League and the AllPlayers interface. We'll be utilizing this site to post information and track results for this session of the 11u league. We hope this simplifies the process and gives everyone a place to interact throughout the entirety of the league.

Details - the venue being utilized for the league has 3 courts, but 1 court only has 2' beyond each of the end lines. Accordingly, the plan is to utilize the 2 courts that are regulation. This will allow us to accommodate up to 16 teams. If more teams commit, we may shift gears and utilize all 3 courts though. (Please know in advance that this will significantly reduce spectator capacity.)

For specific information and a sample schedule, please go to the the "Forms" tab in the blue band above. To register your team, utilize the "click here to register for the 11u league" below. After you have finalized your roster, you can also submit it online in the "Roster Submission" section on the left.

11U League Registration


Please register your team for the Aloha Region 11U League by clicking below. You will first fill out the League Entry Form, and then be directed to pay online by credit card. Entry fee is $260 per team if you pay by credit card online or $250 if you send a check to 628 Auahi Street, Honolulu, HI 96813. Make checks payable to "Ka Ulukoa."

When you have your roster together, you can submit that online at a later date under Roster Submission on the left side of this page.

Note: If this is your first time on AllPlayers, when you click the button below you will be prompted to create your initial personal account, and then walked through registering your team for the league. For help, email support@allplayers.com.

Click here to register for the 11U League


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