2021 Cross Timbers
Flower Mound, TX 75028

Sports Department

Bill Cadman, Sports Director

Billy Hilliard, Aquatics & Assistant Sports Director


Adam Osorisio (Player)
Aidan Davis (Player)
Alexander Michalski (Player)
Alex Thien (Player)
Andrew Franks (Player)
Andrew Stewart (Player)
Andrew Thien (Player)
Anthony Froia (Player)
Austin Davi (Player)
Austin Willborn (Player)
Ben Brokaw (Player)
Ben Martin (Player)
Blake Youngblood (Player)
Brandon Starynski (Player)
Brennan Bulk (Player)
Bret Bonin (Player)
Brett Holland (Player)
Brody Roberson (Player)
Brooks King (Player)
Callum Parks (Player)
Chandler Gorham (Player)
Chase Barnes (Player)
Christian Carter (Player)
Christian Marsh (Player)
Christopher Biloff (Player)
Claeb Shillingburg (Player)
Cole Mrozek (Player)
Connor Goode (Player)
Connor McLaughlin (Player)
David Mikhail (Player)
Dayne Galligan (Player)
Dennis Miranda (Player)
Duncan Held (Player)
Dylan Goodman (Player)
Eli Rademaekers (Player)
Eric Apris (Player)
Ethan Meilinger (Player)
Garrett Dickson (Player)
Grant Hall (Player)
Gregg Bitzer (Player)
Harrison Stringer (Player)
Hunter Greene (Player)
Jackson Green (Player)
Jackson Nield (Player)
Jacob Hoschfelder (Player)
Jacob Moran (Player)
Jacob Shillingburg (Player)
Jared Zarcone (Player)
Jeremiah Turner (Player)
Jett Leach (Player)
John Piptone (Player)
Jordan Perkins (Player)
Jordan Taylor (Player)
Josh Hatter (Player)
Keelan Fedison (Player)
Kevin Virant (Player)
Landon Taylor (Player)
Layton Johnston (Player)
Liam Cahil (Player)
Marcus Quezada (Player)
Mark Dahlstrom (Player)
Marques Berry (Player)
Matthew Dawson (Player)
Matthew Lauer (Player)
Michael Lombardo (Player)
Miles Fridrich (Player)
Miller Boyd (Player)
Nate Reaser (Player)
Nathan Gilbert (Player)
Nathao Figge (Player)
Nicholas Berry (Player)
Nicholas Ryer (Player)
Nicholas Tudgay (Player)
Nick Bondar (Player)
Nick Boswell (Player)
Nick Ramirez (Player)
Noah Hofer (Player)
Paul Young (Player)
Payton Ash (Player)
Ryan Crispin (Player)
Ryan Cromer (Player)
Ryan Gilmartin (Player)
Ryan Houston (Player)
Samuel Moran (Player)
Samuel Williams (Player)
Samuel Zimmerman (Player)
Seth Rowland (Player)
Slater Gorham (Player)
Spencer Jones (Player)
Spencer Oseguera (Player)
Spencer White (Player)
Trever Bowman (Player)
Troy Lirette (Player)
Tyler Sureddin (Player)
Victor Vargas (Player)
Weston Franklin (Player)
William Goetz (Player)
William Tapley (Player)
Will Klingman (Player)
Will Richardson (Player)
Will Vosburg (Player)
Zachary Johnston (Player)
Zach Stancoff (Player)
Adam Hochfelder (Guardian)
Alex Quezada (Guardian)
Alicia Lirette (Guardian)
Amanda Franklin (Guardian)
Amy Reaser (Guardian)
Ashraf Mikhail (Guardian)
Brent Brokaw (Guardian)
Carrie Shillingburg (Guardian)
Coleen Boswell (Guardian)
Brian Goodman (Guardian)
Carol Nield (Guardian)
David Moran (Guardian)
Carter Ash (Guardian)
Charles Taylor (Guardian)
Stephen Crispin (Guardian)
Cynthia Mrozek (Guardian)
Diana Davi (Guardian)
Barb Dahlstrom (Guardian)
Dean Bullock (Guardian)
Dennis Franks (Guardian)
Derek Parks (Guardian)
David Holland (Guardian)
Don Starynski (Guardian)
Laura Vogel (Guardian)
Dan Thein (Guardian)
Emily Rowland (Guardian)
Eric Gilbert (Guardian)
Dirk Meilinger (Guardian)
Gayla Taylor (Guardian)
Gail Houston (Guardian)
Greg Cromer (Guardian)
Gina Bowman (Guardian)
Robert Young (Guardian)
Greg Klingman (Guardian)
Melinda Lauer (Guardian)
Scott Leach (Guardian)
Gina Oseguera (Guardian)
Graham Jones (Guardian)
Glenn Williams (Guardian)
Jim Hall (Guardian)
Eric Hofer (Guardian)
Carol sTringer (Guardian)
Jack A. Boyd III (Guardian)
Jana Claxton (Guardian)
Lynn Hatter (Guardian)
Jeff Richardson (Guardian)
Jill Martin (Guardian)
Jim Goetz (Guardian)
Joe Fridrich (Guardian)
Jon Johnston (Guardian)
Annemarie Froia (Guardian)
Kirby Williams (Guardian)
Kara Gorham (Guardian)
Derek Greene (Guardian)
Casey Perkins (Guardian)
Keri Carter (Guardian)
Kevon Figge (Guardian)
Kevin Moran (Guardian)
Kurt Cahill (Guardian)
Lorena Barnes (Guardian)
Maggie Aplis (Guardian)
Mark Willborn (Guardian)
Bruce Davis (Guardian)
Melissa Dawson (Guardian)
Melanie Bitzer (Guardian)
Dawn Michalski (Guardian)
Dennis Miranda (Guardian)
Marci Lombardo (Guardian)
Nicki Green (Guardian)
Claudine Tudgay (Guardian)
Phillip Vargas (Guardian)
Erica Vosburg (Guardian)
Teri Piptone (Guardian)
Kimberly King (Guardian)
Mike Rademaekers (Guardian)
Ray White (Guardian)
Rubert Held (Guardian)
Glenn Dickson (Guardian)
Nicole Youngblood (Guardian)
Rob Roberson (Guardian)
Rick Gilmartin (Guardian)
Rudy Ramirez (Guardian)
Scott McLaughlin (Guardian)
Scott Stancoff (Guardian)
Shaun Galligan (Guardian)
Sherri Goode (Guardian)
Steve Marsh (Guardian)
Scott Sureddin (Guardian)
Shari Zarcone (Guardian)
Ginger Tapley (Guardian)
Corinne Bonin (Guardian)
Todd Johnston (Guardian)
Mike Berry (Guardian)
Dave Ryer (Guardian)
Talitha Cadenhead (Guardian)
Beverly Berry (Guardian)
Jeremy Turner (Guardian)
Debbie Virant (Guardian)
Vito Bondar (Guardian)
Allen Biloff (Guardian)
Carter Ash (Coach)
Joe Fridrich (Coach)
Phillip Vargas (Coach)
Ray White (Coach)
Rudy Ramirez (Coach)
Stephen Crispin (Coach)

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