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4332 Northaven Road
Dallas, TX 75229
See map: Google Maps
(P) 214-357-8431
(F) 214-357-2986

Andrew Alvarado,
Senior Director, Sports

214.357.8431 ext 16

Reese Mullennix,
Associate Sports Director

214.357.8431 ext 35


Kyle Gordy

Children: Jack

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Town North YMCA uses to host all our recreational activities. This will be your one-stop destination to access real-time information such as scores, game schedules, team information, as well as connect with other team parents to share stories and photos throughout the season.

Town North YMCA only uses's broadcast feature to communicate activity information such as weather cancellations, important updates, special announcements, and emergency information.

Communication with fellow participants: has an on-site messaging system. You are able to compose a message to one or multiple users. The recipients will receive your message via email or text – an option they choose in their account settings. We also keep a back up copy of the entire conversation for you in your Inbox.

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Jack (Player)
Kyle Gordy (Coach)
Kyle Gordy (Guardian)


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